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Affordable New Pavement & Line Striping

New asphalt not only makes your property look more appealing—it increases its value. Let Slayton's Sealing, Crackfilling & Paving of Burlington, VT, help you increase the resale value with new pavement and line striping at an affordable price. Rates are based by the tonnage used.

New Jobs & Patches

From spot jobs and crack filling to entire driveways and sidewalks, count on us to get the job done. Our crew lays an inch-and-a-half to three inches of new asphalt depending on the surface of the existing pavement for a smooth, even finish.

Commercial Line Striping

Whether you need to lay lines for the first time or touch up existing ones, we're the company to call. We provide line striping in yellow or white. Pricing is based on the linear footage of the project.

Line Striping

Sign Stencils

In addition to new pavement installation and line striping, we provide common signs to indicate information to your customers. We have "No Parking", directional arrows, handicap parking, and many more stencils to accommodate your requests.

Refresh your foundation with new pavement from the best in the business. Contact Slayton's Sealing, Crackfilling & Paving in Burlington, VT, at (802) 730-3019 for a free estimate.

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